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Have a question? You might find the answer here. Probably not, nobody ever finds the answers in the FAQs. But isn't it worth a shot?

What exactly is X or what does X stand for?

The first rule of X is you do not talk about X.

What games does X Play?

X plays both fps games as well as mmorpg’s. X traditionally has been involved in first person shooter (FPS) games. We will always identify ourselves first and foremost with our first game, Elite Force (EF). Since then our FPS division has dabbled in a variety of games but nothing has really stuck.

However, X also branched out as “X-Syndicate” into Massive Multiplayer Games. X moved from game to game eventually settling in City of Heroes (CoH) and it's expansion City of Villains (CoV).

How do I join X?

X does not recruit just anyone. We look for people with a sense of humor, loyalty, and who don’t take themselves or their gaming too seriously. X recruits are invite-only; so if you want to join you have to suck-up.

Just kidding! That is actually the wrong way to try to get in. Do not ask, beg, bargain, or pander to get into X – it just doesn’t work.

The proper way involves getting to know X and its members and finding out for yourself if you are a good fit or not. If we agree that you are a good fit, you will likely get an invite out of the blue some day. Getting to know X’s on the forums is one great way to introduce yourself as well as get to know the group.

What is with the nacho obsession?

If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t be here.

Who was Ms. Dixie?

Ms. Dixie was X’s mascot – the first biter of X, a bird, and a friend. Bite in peace, Ms. Dixie. Bite in peace (B.I.P.).

Who is the leader of X?

Well, there really isn't a leader as much as a scapegoat...
He is the one we call Weapon X. He is perhaps our biggest jerk and therefore easiest to pass the blame. As clan meat shield, he is responsible for taking all issues on his 24-hour hotline number: 1-800-XIS-SUES.

What are the Rules of X?

1st rule of X is: You do not talk about X.
2nd rule of X is: You do not talk about X.
3rd rule of X is: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, bite him!
4th rule of X is: Two guys to a bunk.
5th rule of X is: One clan at a time, gentlemen.
6th rule of X is: No jerks, no hacks.
7th rule of X is: X will go on as long as it has to.
8th rule of X is: If this is your first night, you have to buy the nachos.

Where is Freaksho?

If you find out, let us know.

X Anthem Haiku:

When jerks actafool,
When nachos will not suffice,
Bite on, men! Bite on!


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