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Posted by Doctor Dude on 1/4/2006 8:11am - Viewed 997 times

Image Description
  Come visit beautiful Striga, where even Warriors and Citizens coexist in peaceful harmony....  

  Scooby Doo
10:34am EST
I love it in Talos when you do flyovers of the Warrior/CoT area and see things said by the mobs like "Warrior Crusher: You have no idea the power of the Circle of Thorns!"  
10:57am EST
Maybe he just got kidnapped and was warning them away?

I had the best one the other day. A hostage we were rescuing from the freakshow aparantly had an identiy crisis and said: "Get them, we can't let them take our prize!" when the ambush showed up.

After that she wouldn't budge an inch though :(
6:23pm EST
Yeah, I did my very best, but she wouldn't attach even to NEUROTIKA! If an escort/hostage won't move for her, they won't move for anything.  


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