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Posted by Doctor Dude on 1/18/2006 1:19am - Viewed 1092 times

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  How many signs can you find? Despite the Warshade dc'ing three times in early mishes (fortunately he kept coming back), the lvl 50 /emp leaving (sorry guys, gtg) right before the reactor, and someone entering the reactor mish and conning it for 50s before we switched around and exemped the 2 50s to the 3 44s we finished the 44+ respec successfully, thus proving the Trial has gotten easier. Funny thing was the guy who organized it didn't know he could "only" get three respecs, which is what he was in it for.

Most fun I've had on a respec. I only died once in the reactor, despite having no breakfrees when entering TV. Whirlwind kicked ass!

8:51am EST
One of my most frustrating/fond respec memories was when a friend of mine dragged me along on what I thought would be a respec made up of members from his SG.

He needed someone to help start it, so I grabbed my peacebringer and went along. After wiping 3 times on the first mission...I knew we were in trouble. You see...we had an ice tank who couldn't stay alive. Aside from the fact that he died too quickly to hold aggro, when he was alive, he didn't do a great job of holding aggro to begin with. So we switched off, I took dwarf form and proceeded to do a better job tanking than our real tanker, despite the fact that I was a kheldian and I had never tanked for a larger team before ever. I ended up being the primary tank through the entire trial, switching back to nova form when we got to the reactor.

They also couldn't seem to follow directions. "Hang on guys, I'm going to pull this group back" *takes one step towards the enemy* *scrapper screams past, aggroing multiple groups and immediatly dies*. It was so frustrating, but at least at the end I had a sense of accomplishment when we finished sucessfully.


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