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Posted by Doctor Dude on 1/30/2006 7:43am - Viewed 807 times

Image Description
  Final mish in a 5-person 3-hour Positron TF for Master Time Lord (Mr E-Man), Kiria (Frost), Doctor Dude, Wasp' (Wassy), and Winter Iord (Termi). Good thing those dang Vaz have really poor perception...

Despite what Statesman tells you, it is possible to get huge spawns (> 16) in close proximty. This screenshot didn't pick up the roughly 10 that was just off screen to the left when we first entered the room. Oh yeah, Lts, Bosses, the whole deal. Good thing it was heroic...

  Scooby Doo
9:03am EST
Yeah. That room has about 3 or 4 spawn points in it and they're usually all used. :(

GJ on the TF guys!
10:46am EST
16 enemies in one spot? NEVER!

Uh, don't look at me like that.
  Doctor Dude
12:06pm EST
Dug this up from some Statesman Posts:

[quote]Hmm. No conscious changes. In fact, mission maps should seem more spread out because of our work to prevent overlapping spawns. If you see anytime that a spawn is too close to another (i.e. you can't aggro one without aggroing the other), bug it. [/quote]

but later in the thread

[quote]Note: Task Force spawns are ENTIRELY different...those require minimum team sizes for a reason!

My request for bugs should be for "normal" missions received from Contacts... [/quote]
12:43pm EST
Of course the minimum team size for positron is 3. So..yeah.  
  Scooby Doo
3:51pm EST
I think Statesman's interpretation of being able to attack a spawn without aggroing the one beside it is limited to using a sniper attack from maximum range then fleeing back to the mission door while the one spawn chases you.  


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