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Posted by WeaponX on 2/15/2006 12:07pm - Viewed 914 times

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  The underwater missions in this game are a lot of fun. In this situation, we were doing a mission under water when some alliance showed up. Being the good rogue that I am, I cloaked. As usual, my team mates called me a coward! The jerks :D Ya gotta know when to hold em.. and know when to fold em.


10:29am EST
They always make fun of me because I cloak when everyone else is about to die! Sure they all are dead... but at least I get to Swim on to fight another day. You would think they would be proud to have given their lives for my own.  
1:16pm EST
Remind me never to team with you.  
2:01pm EST
hahaha its the rogue way!!!  


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