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Posted by Frost on 2/23/2006 7:54am - Viewed 835 times

Image Description
  Ugh. The devs need to stop hitting the random button.  

  Scooby Doo
8:48am EST
Actually, that looks a lot better than some of the ones I've seen in AP. Let alone those I see in the Hive....  
  Doctor Dude
10:21am EST
I think it needs some yellow and orange sprinkled in.  
11:14am EST
At least this one has some taste... ;)  
5:49pm EST
What are you guys talking about.. this is SOOOO Mrs. Fashion X. She's huge in the Euro scene. She's saved a lot of fashion shows from going horribly ... evil.  
  Darrk Waver
10:02am EST
The color of the boots and gloves should match. That would be an improvement.  


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