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Posted by Frost on 12/20/2005 3:17pm - Viewed 962 times

Image Description
  I put this shot up here because I use it a lot to show people what the AV purple triangles look like.  

  Scooby Doo
4:09pm EST
Uhh, what purple triangles? I honestly don't see them. Or is that the point? ;p  
4:26pm EST
That's the point ;) Look at the full version, around Nightstar's head (she's the one with the blue eyes). Very feintly against the building background.  
  Mr E-Man
4:28pm EST
My monitor at work is so crappy, the only purple things I see are the eyes!

OK - at home I can see them encircling her just above her head - more of a violet color than purple!


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