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Posted by Chromi on 3/20/2006 11:03pm - Viewed 878 times

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  in aggro range of each other- 3 bosses, 4 leutenants, and about 6 minions. A sniper shot at the furthest minion aggroed em all.  

  Scooby Doo
8:24am EST
I laugh every time I think of that statement that mobs should never be close enough that you can't fight one without aggroing both. Whoever was in charge of making that change did absolutely nothing that day at work other than watch tv, I think. ;-)  
8:44am EST
So they outsourced it to government employees?  
  Scooby Doo
8:52am EST
I don't have a tv in my office. I have put a couple dvds into my computer, though, and just turned on the captioning. ;-)  


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