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Posted by Frost on 4/25/2006 7:18am - Viewed 826 times

Image Description
  Who cares about injection? He's just going to eat it right out of the syringe...  

9:52am EST
9:55am EST
Or snorting it. The fastest way to get drugs to your crazy brain is through your nose!

(my couple years at college taught me SOMETHING)
  Scooby Doo
3:58pm EST
And how you learned that, I really don't want to know. ;-)

I would have thought an injection into the artery in the neck headed for the brain would be faster, but I'll take your expert word for it. heheh
11:52am EST
I learned it in Chemical Dependency class, sheesh. At one time I thought I would be good at helping people and majored in Human Services.

And when you snort/inhale, whatever you're killing yourself with goes right through the blood/brain barrier. Faster than even an injection.
  Scooby Doo
2:07pm EST
There are classes that teach you how to be Chemically Dependent? Funny. When I went to college, that was an extra-curricular activity not worth credit towards graduation. ;-)  


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