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Posted by Doctor Dude on 5/14/2006 11:53pm - Viewed 791 times

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  Pretty closely matched, but it seems that (multiple holds + confuse + slows) slightly > (multiple pets + fear + debuffs).  

12:28am EST
Little frost also has the psi epic pool. Indominatable will for the win! :)  
  Doctor Dude
9:08am EST
Well then, it will be interesting to see what happens when I respec. Was planning to use free respec to make Dr. Ill-Rad a little more PvP'able. Not over the top, but was planning on the psi pool.  
9:51am EST
I think we'd fight each other to a standstill then :)  
  Mr E-Man
10:53am EST
It's interesting to note that Dr. Ill-Rad refused to tangle with Faith one-on-one!  
  Doctor Dude
11:44am EST
*clang* /em picks up gauntlet, scratches butt with it.
What?!?! I thought we were being inclusive having a 2 on 2. Bring it on little girl! Gonna spank you worse than Buffy did and enjoy it almost as much! o.0


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