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Posted by Doctor Dude on 5/17/2006 12:38am - Viewed 743 times

Image Description
  Termi went afk so Doctor Dude, GothicRose and Mr E-man decide to have a Gladiator free-for-all. After scrapper-lock ensued and MrE and I beat the snot out of each other, Rose, pictured here with her entire team intact, rolled through us like a hot knife through butter.  

  Mr E-Man
10:38am EST
I think you meant to say - After Mr E-Man beat the snot out of Doctor Dude & was only left with 3 gladiators, Gothic Rose rolled through him like a hot knife through butter!  
  Doctor Dude
12:15pm EST
oh, ummm, yeah that's kinda the way it happened, wasn't it? Well I left those three guys wounded!  


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