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Posted by Frost on 6/10/2006 10:05am - Viewed 842 times

Image Description
  The Evil Desk FROM HELL! Back when CoV first launched there was a mission with a bugged protect object that instead showed as an enemy which you had to defeat to clear the mission.

The problem? The desk was an AV. 6500 hit points and hamidon like damage resistance. It took a good 15 minutes to take it down. Check the chat window ;)

10:20pm EST
I miss The Desk =/  
  Doctor Dude
5:25pm EST
OK, I have to ask, was the desk mobile? I notice the tentacles and caltrops and just was envisioning it walking on four legs toward you...  
7:17pm EST
No, that was just for the damage over time ;)  
5:37pm EST
LOL that's so awesome  


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