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Posted by Frost on 6/13/2006 7:29am - Viewed 899 times

Image Description
  You can sorta see Deathsurge here. He's hard to make out since he's made entirely of lightning. Flying through the air right in front of me is Bitter Chill ;) And I believe Bone Alternate is running along the ground there in the cape. or that could have been SrA. I forget. Sorry :(  

4:20pm EST
A couple nights ago there were 3 deathsurges up at the same time. 2 of which were right next to each other. And there were a couple of teams trying to take them down, unsuccesfully.  
  Doctor Dude
12:09am EST
I wasn't flying through the air, I was, uhhh, executing a backflip. Yeah, that's it!  


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