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Posted by Dr. Letharga on 7/24/2006 10:53pm - Viewed 1055 times

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  Tonight, Dr. Letharga finally reached level 50. I created him 2 days after game launch and soloed him through much of his career before Mind Controllers could do any real damage. I had everything going against me until Issue 5, but I stuck with it. Yay me!  

  Scooby Doo
11:06pm EST
Grats, DrL. That's a major accomplishment you have there. :-)  
  Mr E-Man
1:17am EST
Congratulations Dr L

I still have a character from the 3 day head start that is only level 41, do I win?
  Doctor Dude
4:19pm EST
Big ole Gratz! Dr. L. Longtime in coming. So, are you off to Disney World? Or perhaps a return to the arena to rid yourself of the Silly Buns title ;)  
  Dr. Letharga
3:00pm EST
No. Orlando for me. I can't stand that Mouse and his Iron Fist of feigned happiness. Care to meet me in the arena DD? I have something I want to show you. >:-)  


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