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Posted by Frost on 8/4/2006 7:38am - Viewed 872 times

Image Description
  Show us the error of our ways oh great point light! Your oddly placed brilliance is an inspiration to the world. Bow down before your purple light overlord!  

  Scooby Doo
9:25am EST
I think maybe you need to get out a bit more....  
9:41am EST
The purple light overlord is displeased by your statement. Prepare yourself for it's wrath!  
1:51pm EST
Whats even more amazing is the light appears to be coming fromt he wall itself... maybe your overlord is reallly just.... A WALL!!!! dun dun dun.  
2:55pm EST
Foolish Mortal! It's visage is too un-earthly for our puny minds to comprehend, so it takes the form of a wall to spare us .  
  Darrk Waver
9:02am EST
LOL, I've noticed this as well and wondered the story on it. Mabe there is a mini spotlight in the planter shining on the wall. Yeah, that's what it is. ;-)  


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