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Posted by IceOnix on 9/16/2006 11:47am - Viewed 742 times

Image Description
  This is the cut scene before we fought Crimson and his 4 elite bosses for the Recluse Strike Force. We had a pet Bane Spider Executioner that we picked up during the mission and he felt it was his divine duty to use his AoE Mace blast on the Hero while we were still fighting Longbow. Surprisingly he survived the Alpha from 4 elite bosses and a Hero...

"That's right, punk! You've just been served!"

  Doctor Dude
12:17am EST
Bet you guys wish you had his defense and Hit Points
  Mr E-Man
9:01pm EST
heh he was easy  
  Doctor Dude
11:58pm EST
No, lol, not the Hero's, I mean the spider's! Your pet was tougher than you!  


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