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Posted by Darrk Waver on 10/17/2006 3:42pm - Viewed 705 times

Image Description
  The title says it all.  

4:57pm EST
It could be worse.

Could have an 5 level cave in it.
  Mr E-Man
8:01pm EST
or the Council Water Room...  
8:59pm EST
or the tech map "room of death" - you know, the one with the raised platform around the center so that if you aren't careful, you aggro about 10 different spawns at once.  
9:26am EST
I just know some dev is scheming right now to build a hybrid council base with a tunnel dug into a natural cave which leads into a crey lab with all three of those rooms in it. Defeat All of course.

Probably for the revamped shard TFs they promised ;) ("Oh, and they thought they were getting off easy did they?!?")


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