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Skills not in I5 for sure

Frost City of Heroes 8/29/2005 6:53pm  

X Syndicate has closed its doors!

Frost City of Heroes 8/29/2005 7:17pm  

Five Free Days

Boom City of Heroes 9/1/2005 8:03pm  

New City of Heroes Zone Announced

Terminotaur City of Heroes 9/14/2005 2:53pm  

X Syndicate welcomes The Lethargic...

WeaponX City of Heroes 9/28/2005 12:20am  

A New Mr E-Man Interview/Adventure

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 10/3/2005 1:05pm  

Enhancement Nerf-ication

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 10/9/2005 11:55am  

Issue 6 on Test - 10/19

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 10/18/2005 3:35pm  

I6 on test pushed back- features li...

Arctic Tempest City of Heroes 10/19/2005 3:49pm  

I6 patchnotes released

Frost City of Heroes 10/20/2005 5:27pm  

Issue 6 to go live on Thursday-ish

Frost City of Heroes 10/25/2005 4:13pm  

Winter Event Coming!

Terminotaur City of Heroes 12/2/2005 7:32pm  

Marvel/NCSoft Lawsuit Settled

Frost City of Heroes 12/14/2005 3:07pm  

CoH/CoV Issue 7: Destiny Manifest

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 1/30/2006 6:45pm  

Positron Talks about Issue 7 on Gam...

Frost City of Heroes 2/13/2006 3:37pm  

Issue 7: 40-50 Content update

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 3/9/2006 1:55pm  

CoH 2 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 3/29/2006 12:21pm  

Free Respecs on Test Server - Frida...

Darrk Waver City of Heroes 5/3/2006 9:36am  

X Syndicate Is Now Recruiting

Frost City of Heroes 5/22/2006 11:30am  

NCsoft Announcement

Mr E-Man City of Heroes 6/23/2006 2:09pm  
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