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Dungeons & Dragons® Online: Stormreach™ Stress Test
General | 11/15/2005 10:17pm EST | By AWMascot

The long awaited MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons is here and you can stress test it exclusively on Fileplanet . An AWMascot non-exclusive.

Real Combat, Real Danger, Real D&D®. Dungeons & Dragons® Online: Stormreach™ is here! For over 30 years Dungeons & Dragons® has been the legendary benchmark for all role-playing games. Now you can experience one of the most unique online games ever created – based on the classic role playing game that started it all! See the key release schedule for play times and dates.

NOTE: This is a Stress Test event. Your participation in this event helps to find and isolate problems before launch. The game servers, authentication systems, billing website, and other elements may (and probably will) be down from time to time during the event. While we hope you play and enjoy the game during this event, the goal of the Stress Test is to overload the system and see how it reacts. Increased lag, stuttering, and other performance problems will all occur. These are not indicative of how the game will play at release.

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