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“Cathedral of Pain” Now On Training Room!
City of Villains | 11/17/2005 5:53pm EST | By AWMascot

The first Super/Villain Group based Task force is live on the Training Room. Battle on the far of world for items of power to add to your base.

Greetings Heroes and Villains,

We have opened the “Cathedral of Pain” for testing on the Training Room. Many of you have asked when this would be available, so here’s your chance to try it out! We hope you will transfer your characters over and give this a go (for details about how to transfer your characters to the Training Room, please click here).

Not only will you be helping us uncover potential problems, but it is also an excellent opportunity for supergroups to practice this very challenging trial. The “Cathedral of Pain” is neither for the inexperienced nor the faint of heart, and once it hits the live servers, it will only be available at limited times.

Here are the details:

The “Cathedral of Pain” trial will be available on the Training Room starting Thursday, November 17th. Our hope is to leave it up through Thanksgiving weekend (although availability is subject to change depending upon performance and technical issues). We want to give you time not only to acquire Items of Power, but also to stage base raids against each other in order to defend/steal the items. Good times!

What exactly is the “Cathedral of Pain”?

Rularuu has obtained a number of powerful relics from the infinite worlds into which he peers. These relics rest at the center of his great palace in the Shadow Shard, the Cathedral of Pain.

Every so often, Rularuu’s legions invade Earth and scour it for these relics, or Items of Power. While this is a dangerous time for earth, it also grants heroes and villains an opportunity to travel to the Shadow Shard and take Rularuu’s items for themselves. With these relics, Rularuu will eventually be able to pierce the veil and transfer his full consciousness into our reality, and ravage it utterly. Great heroes must stop this process. Super villains will want to gain the items for their own personal goals.

Note: Items of Power bestow benefits to your entire supergroup for as long as you are able to keep them in your possession.

What will you need in order to attempt the “Cathedral of Pain” trial?

In order to take on this enormous challenge, you will need to belong to a supergroup. The supergroup must also have a base with the following items:

* 8 rooms
* 6 dimensional anchors
* Mission Computer or Oracle
* Raid Teleporter
* A base/mount for the Item of Power

Supergroup affiliations don’t carry over to Training Room when we transfer our characters. How do you expect us to afford such a swanky base?

You will be granted 36 million prestige automatically when you create your supergroup. Additionally, you will have access to all the recipes, but you will still need to get salvage to build the mission computer.

Once we’ve built our base, how do we get to the Cathedral of Pain?

You will be alerted to the trial via the mission computer in your base. After you’ve accepted the mission, you will be teleported, via the Raid Teleporter, to a nearby staging area to carry out the raid.

How many people can participate?

The trial accommodates up to 24 players. This allows a supergroup to easily form three teams of 8. (In other words, you’re going to want to bring a lot of people.)

Anything else we should know?

The “Cathedral of Pain” acts as a Task Force and temporarily “grays out” any other missions, trials, and Task Forces. All players are sidekicked/lackeyed to 50. Players who are defeated in any part of the trial are transported back to their base hospital.

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