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  City of Heroes/City of Villains  
Global Chat: @Kwan Duw

Unable to connect with City Game Tracker. Your character information may be out of date. Please try again later.
      Character Name Lvl Primary Secondary Epic
Prof XSyndicate 50 Empathy Psychic Blast Psychic Mastery
Sparck 41 Fire Control Radiation Emission Fire Mastery
Ayla. 32 Electrical Blast Energy Manipulation -
EVlL 32 Energy Melee Invulnerability -
CHAMPlON 27 Luminous Blast Luminous Aura -
KwanDuw 20 Dark Melee Regeneration -
Sway 17 Ice Blast Cold Domination -
Rock SoIid 11 Stone Armor Super Strength -
Dantoine 9 Umbral Blast Umbral Aura -
lmbrium 1 Radiation Blast -

Character data provided by City Game Tracker

  Guild Wars  
Character Name Level Primary Secondary
Ayla Xanthicus 20 Ranger Monk
Kwan Duw 20 Warrior Monk
Lady Imbrium 20 Mesmer Elementalist
Sway Healer 20 Monk Elementalist

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